Car Sale Information

Slight change to the earlier “slight change”.  The raffle is off due to extensive restrictions on raffles in Texas.  So, the car is for sale again.

With that change to the earlier change out of the way, the purpose of this trip has always been to raise awareness and funds for Habitat-for-Humanity and any excess proceeds from this sale will go to Habitat, but this trip has also been about the car.

If you are interested in owning this piece of automotive history, e-mail me at  You will be buying a 1966 Corvette, four speed, roadster that defines mid-life crisis and it comes with the following:

1.)  Correct 327 engine with a great exhaust note.

2.)  New tires when purchased for the trip, now relatively new B. F. Goodrich tan walled radial tires mounted on killer knock-off wheels

3.)  New alternator and voltage regulator put in before the trip to remove any questions since the old voltage regulator appeared to be original.

4.)  New Borg-Warner shifter – correct for this car.  The old shifter was original, but sluggish and it would not have survived the New York GW Bridge experience.  Again, it was replaced out of caution and I am glad since it was raining entering New York and breaking down on the GW Bridge would not have been fun.

5.)  Power steering with a new power steering pump.

6.)  New ball joints that really tightened the steering.

7.  New wheel bearings all around.

8.)  New interior showing no wear even from my larger than average frame and the occasional McDonald’s crumbs.

9.) New convertible top.  It was new at purchase and is in excellent condition.  Thanks to Iowa, I  know it can keep heavy rain out.  Remember, this is a 1966 convertible.  It still leaks, but because it is American made, it leaks less than a British or Italian convertible of the same vintage.

10.)  The car is rock solid.  It was driven nine hours on short days and on occasion, it was driven over twenty hours with gas, food, and capitol picture stops only.  It is comfortable at highway speeds and can survive the rough roads around this country without showing any stress or wear.

11.)  The car burns/leaks about one quart of oil every 2,500 miles.  This is great considering it is a 53 year old car.

12.)  Gas mileage ranged from 17mpg to 22mpg, with an average 20.6mpg on the Eastern Loop.  The Western Loop mileage averaged 18.6mpg.

13.)  The sale includes several items collected along the way including t-shirts, memorabilia, and a rare Challenge Coin from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

14.)  The sale can include the website and all photos, many not posted on the website.

15.)  This car attempted a Guinness Record.  If it succeeds after verification, the buyer will receive copies of all of the Guinness record documents and certificates.

16.)  $72,500 or best offer and the buyer is responsible for any taxes/fees and transport, but if the weather is nice, this is a car that you could confidently drive home no matter where you live in the US.

The purpose of this trip has always been to raise awareness and funds for Habitat-for-Humanity.  Excess proceeds from this sale will go to Habitat, but remember, the car was the real star.  This car is the first ever C-2 Corvette over 50 years old to drive to each state capital in the lower 48 states in just one summer!  No one else can ever make that claim.