• 7,853 miles
  • 18.6MPG
  • 15 states
  • 12 days (11 days driving)
  • 713 miles per day average
  • Car repairs in Sioux Falls and Denver.  Both times the car didn’t leave me stranded and both times I was very fortunate to have great shops who knew the car and knew how to fix it.  Thanks to Straight Lines in Sioux Falls and Mile High Classics in Denver.
  • Best state Capitol is hard to say, but the Capitol where I was most relieved had to be Arizona and with a phone that died after one picture, I would have to say it was my luckiest Capitol, too.
  • September 15th – hottest day at 109 degrees in Phoenix
  • September 16th – longest day at 17 1/2 hours over 1,010 miles. (average 59MPH)
  • September 16th – best night’s sleep in my own bed

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