Wednesday/Thursday September 12 & 13, 2018

The car is back in the shop, but we had a two day adventure that was unbelievable.  Over 1,400 miles and 30 hours on the road.


We started Wednesday morning at 6:30AM in Carson City and ended Thursday afternoon in Denver at Mile High Classics for a minor repair to get the car back in supercar condition.


The drive was long, but unbelievable scenery on the way from Carson City to Boise.  More California smoke coming across the valleys in Northern Nevada.  Couldn’t get a good picture of the smoke, but here is a great picture of the Idaho Capitol.


Side trip to Twin Falls for the best”breakfast” and pie all day long.

A little false advertising because there is only one “fall” at Twin Falls, but a great rainbow.


Then a “dash” to Salt Lake (after 30 hours on the road, “dash” is a weak attempt at Salt humor).  Couldn’t believe the car was running so well and loving the open highway.  Made it to Salt Lake before 9:00PM and got a shot by one of the side visitor entrances.  The front looks great, but there is no great place to park and get the full impact.  Interesting capitol.



Here is a picture in front of Utah’s Capitol taken back in June.  My daughter and I drove a picture of the black 1962 Corvette to several capital cities not knowing the ’66 would be just around the corner.  The thought was to get the ’62 around the country one way or another.  Regardless, here is a great picture of the Utah Capitol Building from the front.


The car started running rough and had trouble starting after I filled the tank in Salt Lake, but kept driving to a rest stop just past Park City, UT on the way to Cheyenne.  Slept a while and back on the road to get a great sunrise in Wyoming.



Made it to Cheyenne only to find a lot of construction.  There was one good angle and here it is.



Then a surprise – There had been problems with starting and running rough, but I chalked it up to bad gas along the way.  Turns out the carburetor is not adjusted to altitude and the mile high city is just the place to pull that off.  Thankfully, Mile High Classics was able to take in the car and should have me on the road tomorrow.  I’ll have pictures from the shop and a picture of the Colorado Capitol tomorrow.

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