Great night sleep thanks to Joyce and Tom’s hospitality.  While I slept like a baby, Scotty and Marty were up until 4:30AM to make sure I was on the road today.


The whole team at Straight Lines were phenomenal.  They are the reason you will see a picture of the North Dakota Capitol in this post.


Below is the picture of Marty and Tom taken this morning after a minor brake problem.



It seems Marty knows just the right people to call on a Saturday morning to fix just about any car problem.  below is Kenny the brake specialist.  He is the right vintage to easily solve a brake problem on a 1966 Corvette.  Thanks Kenny!! And, yes, Fargo is not at the end of the earth, but you really can see it from there.



Now to the adventure – I hit the road at 11:00AM and took the picture below in Bismarck, ND a little after 6:00PM.  The car loves the roads in North and South Dakota.


If you need to be convinced this is the North Dakota Capitol building, here is another angle.  North Dakota even puts out a sign.



Back in the car and off to Montana.  Along the way a great sunset between two rain storms.  The picture below doesn’t do it justice, but North Dakota gets my vote for the most dramatic sunset so far on this trip.  Two thunderstorms on either side of the sunset.  Eventually, the storms merged and I found a place to stay in Dickinson, ND.


Helena tomorrow and a chance to meet some folks with the Corvette clubs in Helena.

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