September 7, 2018 (Friday)

Again a big thanks to Beck Chevrolet and Ross for their honesty.  So, it is Deja Vu all over again.  Towed from Pierre, SD back to Sioux Falls.  Thanks AAA.



Back at Straight Lines with Marty and Tom figuring out what went wrong.



In Sioux Falls and I saw the Falls.  Amazing stone and beautiful city.  Thanks again to Tom for the tour.




One thought on “September 7, 2018 (Friday)

  1. It was great meeting you and having you stay with us while you were in Sioux Falls. Hopefully you won’t have any more mechanical issues on the trip. I love the Corvette and what you’re doing on the trip. This seems like a great “bucket list” item to me! Joyce and I are wishing you the best for the remainder of the journey!

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