September 6, 2018 (Thursday)

Why is this guy smiling? I just found Straight Lines classic car restoration shop in Tea, SD and the car will be back on the road this afternoon.



It was only a small bump in the road – Pictures below:





There are Corvette guys everywhere.  Straight Line is in Tea, SD near Sioux Falls, SD.  Needed to get front end work after some rough roads.  To say the least, some of the roads have been a little hard on the car, but I should be back on the road this afternoon.


I know I promised not to get political, but congress needs to spend a little less time fighting in the sand box and start  looking at state and federal infrastructure funding.


Thanks to Marty and the team at Straight Line for getting me into the shop and on the road.  Group photo soon.


I was a little worried when I started this trip that car guys and their cars might be fading into the sunset to be replaced by self driving cars or Uber, but as I looked at the vintage GM, Chrysler, and Ford sheet metal (some fiberglass, too), in Straight Lines’ shop, I know there are a few more years of muscle and classic cars to be admired on the roads.


Hit the road about 5:00PM and saw a great sunset heading into Pierre, SD.



Made it to the South Dakota Capitol just after sunset and drove right up to the front steps.


Thought I was in the clear, but more gremlins, so I am heading into a Chevy dealer tomorrow morning to check out the car before I attempt to head to Bismarck.  Special thanks to Beck Chevrolet and especially to Ross for their honesty and recommendations.  So, I am in for a tow back to Straight Lines (Thanks AAA).

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