September 5, 2018 (Wednesday)

On the road at 3:00AM with a cool start and uneventful drive through Oklahoma.  Arrived in Topeka at 11:00AM and saw no reason to stop, so on to Lincoln and now spend the night in South Dakota.


Here are two new capitols and both are rain cloud artsy looking.  It rained most of today and unlike Iowa storms where the rain comes straight down, Kansas rain seems to have the ability to go sideways.  Rain came in every little gap in the top and even with new weather stripping, drops seemed to get in somehow.  The good news is, this car is still dryer in the rain than any British or Italian convertible of the same vintage.


First stop was Topeka and the Capitol Police were there for the picture.


Next Lincoln, NE and another tower style capitol and this one is not under construction, so you see it all.  Good picture.



I didn’t stay long, but I had to go on-line to look up the statue on top of the capitol this morning.  It is “the Sower” and it is a 19 foot bronze statue that is very distinct.


I found a place to stay in South Dakota and realized I need to add the day of the week to the date above.  It is more for me than anything else.  Now I know where I am and what day of the week, too.

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