The Western Loop Begins.  I checked the weather for this final leg of the journey and the forecast is some rain and some cooling up north, but Phoenix will still be 104 when I get there in a few weeks.  Thank you Montana and Washington, I am looking forward to 40’s in the morning.  I won’t need to wake up at 3:00AM to avoid driving in the heat.


The car is in JB’s Corvette Specialists in Carrollton, TX for oil change, tire rotation, and radiator flush.  After that we are on the road North and West.  A special thank you to Steve and Tammy and their great crew for keeping this car on the road.  They have become the official pit crew for this adventure.



I got on the road at 3:ooAM Wednesday morning and blew through Topeka and Lincoln before stopping in South Dakota for the night.  This car is unbelievable on the road.  Thanks again to the pit crew.

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