Finished and on the way home!!!!!!


It was hot in Phoenix on the 15th when I arrived at noon.  Reports of 108-110 down town and around the capitol.  My phone over heated and shut down about 6 miles away from the Capitol, so I stopped for gas and went in to the Chevron store to find a cooler.  The clerk suggested the Blue Bunny ice cream freezer and that seemed to work.  After five minutes, the phone came back to life with the nav voice telling me to “return to the route”.


I got back on the road and got one picture in front of the Capitol before the phone over heated and shut down again.  Interesting to note a 1966 Chevrolet didn’t over heat after 480 miles on the road to Phoenix, but a 2017 iPhone couldn’t take the heat.


The phone still had problems that evening and the next morning as I hit the road for home.  Thanks to the Capitol Police for all of their efforts to make the final picture a great one.


The car started without effort Sunday morning and we hit the road at 2:50AM.  It was a short drive back to Texas.  Only 17 1/2 hours later and the car was back in the garage in Texas and I was two loads of wash away from my pillow.  Even at highway speeds with only gas stops along the way, the car performed perfectly.  Driving at night in Arizona and the rain in Texas helped both car and driver get home without over heating.


Here is a great shot of the sunrise leaving Arizona.


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