September 14, 2018 (Friday)

Over 5,700 miles on the road for the Western Loop so far and another 2,000 miles before I get home, but who’s counting.  Off to get the car later this morning at Mile High Classics and then a quick picture in front of the  Capitol in Denver.

Here is the crew at Mile High Classics.

Took a quick test drive to the capitol in Denver.

Small hiccup on the test drive, but Steve and Noah performed some magic and they got me on the road in time to get to Santa Fe, NM before dark.  Coincidentally, New Mexico is my 47th state and it was the 47th state admitted to the Union.  Rounding out this symmetry tomorrow is my 48th state and the 48th state admitted to the Union – Arizona!

The reason this guy is smiling is because tomorrow is a long drive to Phoenix, Capitol #48, and then home, but before that, here are more pictures inside the New Mexico Capitol.

Wasn’t able to connect with any Corvette clubs in Phoenix for my 48th state, so it looks like a quick dash to the capitol building and back on the road.  Thanks ahead of time to the Arizona Capitol Police and Captain Sharp and his team for all they have done to welcome me on my journey.

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