The Eastern Loop started August 2nd and finished thirteen days later on August 15th.  Here are the numbers:

  • 28 states plus the District of Columbia.  Added to the five state “Test Drive”, the total is 33 states and one DC
  • Most states in one day – MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, + DC
  • 7,273  total miles just in the “Eastern Loop”
  • 20.6 MPG average over 7,273 miles with a low of 15 MPG in traffic jams and 22 MPG on highway stretches
  • 12 driving days and one rest day
  • 606 average miles driven daily
  • Two 20 hours+ days
  • 905 miles on the longest driving day – day 13
  • 108 degrees on the hottest driving day – Day 13
  • Iowa had the most intimidating rain storm, but NY had the most rain on the way from CT to NJ
  • Best Capitol – That is impossible to answer, but the most gracious and inviting was by far Mississippi
  • OK, NJ, FL impossible to really see and enjoy the Capitol buildings due to construction, but that is an excuse to go back.  Several other capitols like MO, VT, WI, and MD were under construction, but you still got a feel for the building and grounds.
  • Best roads in IL, IA, AL, FL, and MS
  • Best drivers in IL, IA, MN, AL, MS, and LA
  • Observations – Our country needs to look at its infrastructure.

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