August 9, 2018 – New York, Vermont, Maine

Up and on the road by 4:00AM.  Thanks to the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ for letting me wash the car.  When I say Holiday Inn, I mean Holiday Inn from “Blues Brothers” 1970’s vintage with a lounge/bar off the lobby and the interesting floor layout.  It was a throw back and a great night’s sleep with a car wash at 3:00AM.

Got the New York Capitol picture and now I am eating an eleven dollar “Sunrise Burrito” waiting to see if I can see what classic cars the Governor has in his garage.  No Politics, just cars.  It doesn’t matter if it is a Blue state or Red state, car guys are everywhere.

Interesting to see a state that didn’t go with a dome (or attempted dome like in Ohio).  Great Capitol.

Pulled around for the side view.  This is a great Capitol with a lot of character.  I think the Iowa Capitol has the same unique character, but they put a dome on it.  Here is to character.

The New York Education building was across the street and it made a great backdrop for the Corvette.  Takes you back to the posters from the 1980’s, “Justification for an education” or “College Pays”.

Next to Vermont.  Driving in Vermont is like driving in Austin, Texas.  There are a lot of roads, but none of them take you anywhere quickly.  There was a stretch along “Old Route 7” that is everything you expect in Vermont, quaint villages, classic architecture, old farms, and great vistas, but taking seven hours to go such a short distance?  Tomorrow I opt for I-95 option over quaint, but for now, here is their capitol.

Here is a better picture without the car.

On to Maine.  There were no direct routes to Augusta and a lot of road construction, but we made it.  Unfortunately, Maine has a great Capitol Building with no really safe places to take a picture.  Here is the best I could pull together:

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