August 8, 2018 – West Virginia and Pennsylvania with a dash to get closer to Albany

This morning started at 1:00AM in Ohio and ended at 3:00PM in New Jersey.  The car covered just over 700 miles in about 14 hours.  Mostly 55-65MPH with little highway speed.  Although the highway speed limit was 70, traffic or fog kept speeds down and rain/drizzle kept temps down so driving was nice until about 1:00PM and then heat and humidity teamed up to end the day’s travels.

We started the day driving to Charleston, WV.  Our early start paid off with a great shot of the capitol.  I am on a pedestrian jogging and bike lane, but no one was out jogging, so another great capitol picture.

On to Harrisburg.  The car drove well until the traffic jam about 20 miles outside Harrisburg.  The car was hot, I was hot, and no one was moving.  Finally, the capitol and a decent picture with a quick stop in a traffic circle by the Capitol Building.

A lot of rain and traffic dirt before this picture.  I am exploring bath time for the car.  Stay tuned.

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