August 7, 2018 – Michigan, Indiana, and back through Ohio

Took the ferry from Wisconsin to Michigan to avoid several hundred miles of tough driving.  Saw a submarine as we came into port in Michigan.  Interesting boat for the Great Lakes, but if you can fish from the deck or ski behind it, I guess it is not that unusual.

Quick drive to Lansing and a great picture right in front of the Capitol.  I have been lucky on pictures.

On to Shaheen Chevrolet.  Thanks to everyone there for their support for this journey.  We were only feet away from a new Corvette with real brakes.  There are a few comforts that I miss – AC and Power Brakes, but the trip goes on and it is amazing because of the folks that I meet.

On to Indianapolis and one of the toughest drives so far.  The roads in Indiana are tough on this car, but it made it through in one piece.  This was also the toughest picture, but it has an artsy look to it.

Weather got bad and so did traffic.  I was soaked, the car had taken a few too many potholes so off we went to better highways in Ohio and then to West Virginia.  Finally leaving Indiana and Ohio welcomed me with a Rainbow.  Lots of rain.  Now rainbows.

Thanks again to Lance for a place to stay in Ohio.  The car appreciated the great parking space and I appreciated the pillow and AC.


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