August 4, 2018 – Rescheduling and Great Drivers in OK & MO

Up and on the road by 4:30AM.  A cool morning and the car is running really well.  I drove through some of the most remarkable corn fields on the way to Jefferson City.

Unfortunately, due to the gremlins yesterday, I had to cancel my side trip to St.Louis to get back on schedule.  I want to thank Mike and his wife for their gracious offer for a place to stay in St. Louis and thanks to the Corvette Club in St. Louis for their generous donation to Habitat-for-Humanity.

After Jefferson City, I did see a ’68 or ’69 heading the other direction on highway 54 this morning.  Top down and taking in the day.

I forgot to comment on drivers in Oklahoma and Missouri, but they are the best.  The left lane is for passing and everyone on the road seems to get it.  Today’s drive was great.

I arrived in Jefferson City early and found some great places for pictures.  Someone commented that there are no pictures of me, so here.

This is me taking a selfie.  Now do you see why I take pictures of the car and not me?  Here are some great pictures of the Missouri Capitol and there is even one of the Governor’s mansion.



On to the Illinois Capitol building and terrible placement of electrical lines for the street lights, but at least you can see Abe standing tall in front of the Capitol.


Tomorrow Des Moines and on to St.Paul if weather permits and if the driver holds out.  Thanks Bob and Ruth for a place to stay.  I am looking forward to catching up.

Before I go for today, I need to add that I have the best wife ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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