August 15, 2018 – MS, LA, and Home – Only two Capitols, but a long trip

Left Terry & Ann’s at about 2:30AM.  Next thing I know, I am in Jackson, MS.  The car loved the cool morning and it kept running up to 80MPH, so I had to watch the speed, but we made great time.  Below is a picture of the Mississippi Capitol right in front with the help of the great staff.  I am working on re-posting the pictures on this page to get better resolution, plus I have more pictures of the Mississippi Capitol to post.  Check back later to see more.

Met several people and got to tour the capitol.  Thanks you Joy for the great insight into your capitol.  Thank you to Debbie for the pictures of me with the car and thanks to Hanna for setting up the shot above with the capitol steps.  I’ll get all of the images up soon when I have a better WiFi connection, but here are a few more:

Joy pointed me in the right direction, so I got to see a great Capitol and she has a great “ride” to the Beach Boys Concert.  The crew in Mississippi is great.  Thanks.


On to Baton Rouge and Louisiana Capitol.  Tough to get their tower in with the car, but you get the idea:

Luckily I got a picture of the Old Capitol, too.

One thought on “August 15, 2018 – MS, LA, and Home – Only two Capitols, but a long trip

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Congrats on completing the Eastern journey. Looking forward to your pictures and commentary on the Western loop. By the way, Our family lived in Topeka prior to moving to the All American City of Middletown. Good luck and be safe.

    John Miller

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