August 12, 2018 – VA, NC, SC, GA & AL

Another quick update with just pictures.  Commentary to come later.

We start with the VA Capitol in Richmond early morning:

On to North Carolina in Raleigh:

The i-phone map took me through rural NC and SC to get to Columbia, SC.  Long and hot drive, but here is the capitol:

Atlanta, GA was tough.  Traffic jams from everyone trying to get home on Sunday night from their weekends.  Arrived just before sunset and I did get a good shot right in front.  This is another Capitol where I was surprised I could drive right up and take a picture.  Atlanta is a major city, but their Capitol Building is very accessible.  That is the way it should be.

On to Montgomery, AL and thanks to a time zone change, I got the picture before midnight:

This was so good, I took another shot from another angle:

Lots of rain along the way, but the clouds seemed to part for each picture.  At this point, the car had been on the road twenty hours and it was running well, so we pushed on an extra two hours toward Florida before stopping for the night.

I cant wait for the Jackson, Baton Rouge, Austin run as I head home.  That will be another twenty hour drive with great open roads.

I know I have to auction this car off when this is over (I promise dear), but whomever buys this car will be getting the best and most thoroughly road tested Corvette ever!!  Please don’t turn this car into “garage art”.

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