August 11, 2018 – MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC and then to Jeff & Charlotte’s

The day of the States – First stop, Massachusetts.  I arrived at 3:00AM and people were walking around Boston like it was early evening.  Two guys were just sitting on the steps and they were real characters.

On to Rhode Island and this is what I found.  A little drizzle, but at 4:00AM their capitol is really something to see.

Connecticut was a surprise.  I was not expecting this.  I looked up each capitol building on-line just to know what to expect, but pictures don’t do it justice – that is why I took two pictures.  I was also amazed I could drive right up to the front doors.

New Jersey and there were no good angles.  Everything is under construction, but here is a peak over construction fences.  It was not easy to get in to Trenton and even tougher getting out.

Delaware is a quiet surprise.  Their State House is right there and as you can see, people park right in front.  The mini-van and cars in the circle were parked for an event across the street and notice, NO parking meters!

Maryland was tough to find.  My i-Phone directions kept trying to pawn off the Treasury Building as the Capitol.  Luckily I had been to Annapolis with Ruthie (my unbelievably wonderful and tolerant wife), so I got the picture.

Washington, DC (Just because).  There is little I can say.  As I visit different states, I hear different versions of similar stories about how their capitol is taller, holds more beer, houses more people, has more marble, sits on a higher piece of ground, etc., but none really match this.

Northern Virginia to Stay with Jeff, Charlotte& William and then off the next morning at 4:30AM with banana bread for breakfast.  Thanks.




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