July 14th – Test Drive Finished – Back Home in Texas

You have seen my pictures of the Texas Capitol from afar, but today, August 17th, we add some really great pictures of my home state’s capitol building.  Keep in mind, the following pictures would not be possible if not for my persistent neighbor, Jack Nash and his friend/State Representative, Paul Workman, but the final thanks go to Don Barber who met me on a warm Texas morning to jump into a car with black seats and no air conditioning to help me get these pictures.


Now back to the earlier pictures.  They show the Capitol Building in a great light and that is important.


Very tight security at the Texas Capitol Building.  This picture was taken July 28th after being warned to move.  I thought the sign added a nice touch.

This is the original picture taken July 14th.  You can see I didn’t get as close this day as I did on the 28th.  I’ve put in  calls to see if I can get permission for a closer picture.  We’ll see.