July 13th – National Corvette Museum, Nashville, Little Rock and Texas Soil

National Corvette Museum at midnight.  The car ran great all night and so it was off to Nashville only another hour away.

Nashville at 1:00AM and parking is not a problem.  Relatively cool night and the car is running well.  I am 30 minutes away from a place to sleep, but I don’t want to knock on my host’s door at this hour.  Slept in the car in their driveway and hit the road at 4:30AM to beat the heat.  On to Little Rock.

Little Rock and things are heating up, but it is a “short drive” to Dallas and a pillow with my name on it.


July 14th leaving Dallas for Austin and the Texas State Capitol!!!!!  Top down for the first time in 1300 miles.  The top came back up about 30 miles south of Dallas, but there was a brief moment of feeling 16 again.