July 12th – The Test Drive Starts

First stop of the “test drive” – Columbus and the Ohio Capitol Building with two Capitol Police in the background completely unimpressed.

Heading to Middletown, Ohio to see some places from my past.

Middletown High School slated for demolition.  The High School moved out in 1969 after I had graduated.  Sorry to see it go, but the place was old when I went there and now it is almost 50 years older.

The Jug was a hot spot in Middletown back in the 50’s and 60’s.  I was a little surprised to see it still open and still serving burgers that can only rival White Castle.

Frankfort, KY at about 9:00PM with interesting lighting from the headlights of the Capitol Patrol Car, but they were not in a hurry to make me move on.  Thanks.

Better picture of the Kentucky Capitol Building, but this trip is all about the car, so I like the first picture a little better.  Now heading to Bowling Green for pictures in front of the National Corvette Museum.