August 3, 2018 – A Small Side Trip, A Surprise, and Great New Friends

Another gremlin.  Up and ready to hit the road at 3:00AM.  The metal control arm holding the alternator cracked and bent forward when I started the car.  I am waiting until 7:00AM to call JB’s in Carrollton to see if I can get in and out before noon.

Alonzo has the car up on the truck and the journey takes a side trip.  Thanks Alonzo and thanks AAA.

The “Senior Road Trip” lives on.  It just lets me visit some great repair shops along the way.  OKC is still ahead and I may press on to Jefferson City at night.

Didn’t want to see the car in the shop on day two of the “Eastern Loop”, but there was another surprise around the corner.

All the repairs were free as in cost me nothing, cost the trip nothing, and adds to the total for Habitat when the trip is over.  So a very special THANK YOU goes out to Steve, Tammy, and the whole crew at JB’s Corvette Specialists in Carrollton, TX.   Life is full of surprises and this was one of the better surprises.

I was on the road by 11:45AM and on my way to OKC.

In no time, here is the Oklahoma Capitol building all gift wrapped and everything.  I looked for a better angle and found a better vantage point.

Now the trip to Springfield, MO and a place to sleep before the trip to Jefferson City, MO to add another capitol.  Along the way I met the nicest young gentleman, Joshua from Tulsa.  He asked if he could take a picture of the car and he even sighed my travel book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss.

Ironically, I had an encounter later at another gas station where a young lady came over and said, “Ferrari isn’t it.”  Tired, hot, and only about 100 miles from a pillow, I said the only thing I could say, “Yes, Yes it is.”  She proceeded to put her hand on the hood, twist in a contorted manner, and take a selfie.  I was too tired to say anything, but for those who know me, I went to a box in the car and pulled out two micro fiber towels and a bottle of McGuire’s detailer (for between washes) and I erased the hand print and proceeded to do the rest of the car just because.

I finally found that pillow and forgot to update this page yesterday.

This is an edit.  I am back in Austin and I want to thank the guys at Ferrari of Austin for their sense of humor and the use of a real Ferrari.  And for that young lady and her selfie – the car next to the CORVETTE is a real Ferrari.


One thought on “August 3, 2018 – A Small Side Trip, A Surprise, and Great New Friends

  1. You might want to consider trailering the vette to all the capitals. I bet Guinness doesn’t have that one on their books.


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